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Release Of Liability Waiver

Please read carefully. Those who do not agree to the terms and conditions of the following will not be able to participate in any activities at Escapism Room Escape Games.

I hereby release Escapism, LLC. from any legal liability or responsibility, in case of, but not limited to, injury, bodily harm, physical impairment, mental distress, paralysis or death, while participating in the establishment’s activities or on the company’s grounds. By signing this release of liability waiver, I certify that I have willingly agreed to participate in the institution’s activities, and understand and assume all risks associated with participating in the activity. I also agree to and understand the following:

I.   I am in good health and physical condition; it will not interfere with my ability to participate in the activities. I certify that I can stand for over an hour, and have the necessary physical abilities to complete each of the scenarios, which may include strenuous activities.

II.  I accept the risk and sometimes unpredictable nature of the Escapism activities. If at any time I feel unsafe or unfit to participate, I will leave the situation and report the issues to a manager or other qualified company employee. My inaction to report such dangers or issues will be considered negligence on my behalf, and I will be responsible for any repercussions, financial or otherwise.

III. I, and each of my heirs, personal representatives, guardians, agents, conservator, successors and assigns, agree: A) not to make a claim against or sue the Escapism, LLC.; B) to waive any and all claims against the Escapism, LLC.; and C) to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the company for injury, death, or property damage caused by, resulting from, or in any way related to my being a participant in the Escapism activities or otherwise resulting from my presence at the company’s facility, whether or not such injury, death, or property damage was caused by the negligence of the company or the company’s staff.

IV.   In the event I, or a representative on my behalf, take any legal, action against the company, I agree to be responsible for all attorney fees and costs the Escapism, LLC incurs in defending such legal action, including any final verdict or settlement.

V. I agree to follow the rules of the game. If I violate any rules and continue to break any rules, I understand that the game master may eject myself from the game or end the game for all participants.

VI. I agree that if I break or destroy any materials in the game, I will be responsible for the costs associated with repairing such materials.

I am aware that in the Escapism, LLC, among the other things:

A) Guest will be temporarily enclosed in a room or a series of rooms for up to one hour. Doors will not be locked behind guests to ensure guest safety, any participants may leave the room at their leisure.

B) Activities may include a variety of physical activity or other activities which could raise a participant’s heart rate, blood pressure, result in injury, or result in a re-injury of a previous injury. Guest should be prepare for variations in lighting, sound, fog, limited vision, darkness, the feeling of being in a enclosed space, feelings of pressure related to time constraints, exposure to laser lights, falling and/or moving items, etc.

C) Injuries or outcomes may occur from my own or other’s action, inaction, or negligence. Nonetheless, I assume all relate risks, both known or unknown to me, of my participation.

Photo/Video Release: I agree to allow this organization to photograph and/or video record my participation in the attraction. I understand that the pictures may be used in promoting the organization. Therefore, without reservation or limitations, I hereby give the company permission to, without charge, use the photography or video recording at the discretion of the company, display the photography or video recording on the company’s website, blog, social media, at an event, or to be used in a multimedia presentation or reprint and distribute for any publication with copyright to accompany photo when used.  

I have carefully read this release in its entirety and fully understand its contents. I understand that if I choose not to participate in the Escapism, I will immediately notify the staff of my decision. I also understand that no refunds are warranted by the Escapism, LLC if I choose not to participate. I have read this agreement and understand I am giving up legal rights by signing it, and am freely and voluntarily signing it without any inducement.