The Debrief Page


Escape Kit sends emails and texts to your customers after their experience with a link to a page that contains photos from their experience and more. At Escape Kit, we refer to this page as the Debrief Page because it does just debriefs the customer with all the information from their experience.

The open and click through rates on these messages are over 70% because customers are expecting this message, they receive it immediately after their experience and they of course want to see their photos. As a result, the Debrief Page is very valuable real estate for a business owner and Escape Kit works hard to help your business make the most of it.

Let's take a look under the hood of the Escape Kit Debrief Page to learn how it can help your business.

The Layout

Escape Kit Debrief Page Desktop

The Debrief Page is composed of dynamic "widgets" that are displayed in two columns for larger screens and one column for smaller screens (mobile devices).

You have complete control of the order and positioning of each widget and can choose to hide or display each one as necessary.

Settings for each widget can be adjusted to modify its appearance and functionality allowing for unlimited combinations.

Below we'll look at each widget in detail to illustrate the variety of options.

Photo Widget

The photo widget displays the customer's photos and is the main attraction of the Debrief Page. There are three components to the photo widget - photos, the comment, and social sharing buttons.

Photo Widget - Multiple Photos
Photo Widget - Single Photo

Review Widget

The review widget gives your business an opportunity to make a highly personalized review request. It has three components - message author, the message and review button(s).

Review Widget - GM
Review Widget - Business

Leaderboard Widget

Let your customers know how they stack up against the "competition" by displaying the leaderboard for the room the group played.

Leaderboard Widget - All Time and 30 Days
Leaderboard Widget - 30 Days Only

Leaderboards can be ordered by time, points, clues or a custom field.

You can display the "All Time" leaderboard, "Last 30 Days" or both and let the customer toggle between them. Change the length of the leaderboard from one to ten entries and choose to show the current group's ranking even if they didn't make it on the leaderboard so everyone knows where they stand.

Contact Widget

A simple widget that displays your business's contact info. Choose to display as much or as little information as you'd like and edit the widget header text as you see fit.

Contact Widget

Custom Post Widget

The custom post widget gives your business tons of flexibility to promote other products, highlight current promotions or upsale tshirts and other merchandise. Your creativity is the only limitation.

Custom Widget - The Last House
Custom Widget - Black Friday Custom Widget - Like Us On Facebook
Custom Widget - Gift Card

There are five components to the custom post widget - post author, message, image, comment and button.


That's the Debrief Page...a powerful tool to distribute your customer photos and market your business.

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