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Set the tone from the start

Give your customers a uniquely branded waiver experience

Escape Kit Waiver Desktop
Escape Kit Waiver Mobile
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First impressions matter

Escape Kit waivers highlight your business and your business only (no vendor branding ever) and look beautiful on any device.

Make it your own

Add as many custom questions as you need (e.g. text box, dropdown, checkbox, etc.). Easily reorder questions and make optional or required.

By-pass the bottleneck

Display your waiver's connected QR Code to allow customers to check-in on their own device and manage large groups more efficiently.

Post-Submit Landing Page

Customize your post-submit landing page. Encourage customers to check-in on Facebook, give directions to the bathroom, or simply thank them for their business.


Support multiple languages including English, French and Spanish. Allow customers to toggle to their chosen language directly on waiver.

Eliminate the busy work

Email a pdf of your customer's waiver immediately after submitting to cut down on those pesky customer service requests.

Get the most from your customer photos

Streamline your photo management and distribution to increase social engagement and enhance your brand

Photos when they want them most

Text and email customer photos with a click of a button immediately after their game when they're most likely to share and promote your brand.

Photo overlays

Auto-apply a branded overlay to each of your images on upload. Your overlay can be unique to each of your escape rooms or highlight your overall business.

Unlimited photos

Go beyond the standard photo wall shot and send your customers as many photos from their experience as you like.

Auto-upload to Facebook album

Auto-post each of your customer photos to a daily, weekly or monthly Facebook album without cluttering your page's timeline.

Delight customers post-game

Encourage social sharing, review collection and more from your 100% customizable Debrief Page

Escape Kit Debrief Page Desktop
Escape Kit Debrief Page Mobile

Customized messaging

Tailor your messaging to each of your escape rooms or whether the group escaped or not.

Leaderboards with context

Display leaderboards by group size, last 30 days or all time with their ranking so each group can see how they stack up against the "competition".

Increase social engagement

Easily allow customers to share photos from their experience with social buttons and personalized messaging directly under their photos.

Message from the Game Master

Increase review collection by displaying a message from each group's game master with their photo to personalize review requests.

Custom posts

Create custom posts to promote your other escape rooms, highlight current promotions or solicit reviews...whatever works best for your business.


Support multiple languages including English, French and Spanish. Language is determined by which language the customer chose when completing waiver.

What you need, when you need it

Find your data in seconds and use it to make smarter business decisions

Customer data

Search for players by name, email or date played. Easily download all data or only export search results to CSV file.

Group detail view

Quickly see a group's attached players and photos in one convenient place. Access signed waivers and player contact info with a click of a button.

One-Click TripAdvisor RE

Eliminate the hassle of submitting emails to TripAdvisor RE with our simple one-click email copy and formatting tool.

Smart insights

View data for your entire business or for each of your escape rooms. Filter by date range to see trends over time.

Event Manager

Simplify the check-in and waiver collecting process for large groups and easily distribute event photos to all participants to reduce customer service load.

Concierge Onboarding

No need to lift a finger. Let us setup your account and import your historical data so you can get the most from Escape Kit and hit the ground running.

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