How Escape Kit Works

Escape Kit's goal is to make your business better by simplifying your check-in flow, collecting valuable marketing data from your customers and using that data to increase review collection, social engagement and ultimately, your revenue.

Let's look at how Escape Kit can make that happen for your business.

Step 1: Customers Complete Waiver

To make it as easy as possible for your customers, there are three ways players can complete your 100% customizable waiver.

Escape Kit waivers are fully responsive so you can be confident that your custom waiver will look beautiful on any device.

See Waiver In Action

Step 2: Players Are Added To Group

When a player submits their waiver, Escape Kit will look for an existing group in your account that matches the game, date and time the player selected and add the player to the group.

If a group doesn't exist with the selected game, date and time, Escape Kit will create the group and add the player to it.

At any point, you can visit the group's details page and easily review which players have submitted a waiver and which have not along with all other player details.

Group Players

Step 3: Game Time!

Customers play their game...and have a blast!

Group Photo
Group Photo
Group Photo

Step 4: Upload Photos

Upload any photos taken from the group's experience. You can upload as many photos as you limits!

When you upload a photo to a group, the photo overlay (if active and configured) will automatically be applied to the photo for the escape room the group played.

Step 5: Update Results

Group Results

You can choose to collect as much or as little data as you want when updating the results for a group. Choose from...

Step 6: Complete Group

When all photos are uploaded and the group's results have been updated, it's time to complete the group. When a group is completed, it's time for Escape Kit to do its magic!

All messaging and social posts can easily be toggled on or off on the fly from the Group Details page so you have complete control over your customer communication.

View Example Debrief Page

All Done!

That's the heart of Escape Kit...a simple process with powerful results.

Ready to get started?

Your customers and staff will thank you.

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